5 recipes you can make with ketchup

Here at Harrisons HQ, we like to think we’re the sauce of all things saucy! But recently we’ve been trying to get inventive with the way we use sauces on the day-to-day. So we’ve tried and tested a few awesome recipes which incorporate ketchup into the ingredients.

We have hinted that ketchup is an excellent ingredient a few times on our blogs, but now it’s time to whip out your ketchup and see what you can create!

Japanese Veggie Pancakes

These are brilliant for people on a diet who are craving some creative meals. You can incorporate any vegetables that are in season at the time and season them with whatever you like! This dish is traditionally called Okonomiyaki and is served with Japanese Mayonnaise and an Okonomiyaki sauce; the best thing about the sauce recipe is that you can incorporate either ketchup or barbeque sauce into the mix.

Sweet and Sour Stuffed Peppers

We love sweet and sour sauce, no matter how its served. Why? It’s made with ketchup!

These sweet and sour stuffed peppers are a delight to taste and feel a little bit naughty, which is always a plus while dieting. There are so many versions available online, its easy to twist the recipe into something which works for you!


Cabbage Rolls

This recipe is so unconventional that we couldn’t help but try it! These cabbage rolls seem to be inspired by Chinese cooking; it’s just cabbage leaves stuffed with a flavoursome filling- usually beef, fish, sausage, rice and other aromatics. The rolls are baked in a thick tomato sauce and are quite frankly, delicious!

Chicken Yakisoba

Ketchup is severely underrated; we need to give it the attention it deserves and put it in the fancy dishes! It provides a great taste but is also cost-effective; if you add ketchup to this chicken Yakisoba recipe, it will give some extra tang to your dish.

If you chose to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey, make sure you’re fully stocked up on sauce! It’s one of the reasons we’re proud to sell our sauces in bulk! They’re available in every size and shape. Shop our ketchup range now.

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