Mustard 101

All About Mustard

Did you know mustard as a condiment is ancient? Its history can be traced back to the times of the Romans, who used to mix mustard seeds with wine into a paste, it’s not too far away from the mustard we know and love today. The spice was popular in Europe before the time of the Asian spice trade and was around long before the humble pepper.


Where Did Mustard Start?

As a grain, mustard was first cultivated by the Chinese more than 3000 years ago. Most of its history stems from the Mediterranean after Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it to spice up meat and fish dishes.

French monasteries cultivated and sold mustard as early as the 19th century and the condiment was first found for sale in Paris around the 1200s.

The first sign of mustard in England was also quite a while back, in 1390 a book called The Forme of Cury was published by one of King Richard II’s master cooks. It featured mustard balls, which were a coarse-ground mustard seed combined with flour and cinnamon, moistened, rolled into a ball and dried- this made it easier to store and combine with wine later to make a mustard paste.


For some time mustard was considered to be a medicinal plant and not a staple of the kitchen. The plant was originally used by Pythagoras around 400BC as a remedy for scorpion stings, a couple of centuries later, it was used to treat toothaches.

Throughout history, the associations with mustard have changed, with many believing it stimulates the appetite by increasing salivation. Mustard is also believed to have digestive, laxative, antiseptic and circulative stimulant properties. When used in moderation, it was also believed to help settle an upset tummy, but overuse could cause stomach irritation.

Mustard Today

Now mustard is a cult favourite for every sauce fanatic. If you know it, you love it and you always want more of it. Mustard is often found paired with hot dogs, egg salads, toast and anything with cheese!

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