Buying In Bulk To Survive University

It’s that time of year again; a fresh wave of university students is about to descend on cities across the country, moving out of the familiar family homes and into student accommodation to fend for themselves.


University Meal Tips

If this is you, then you’ll need to know how to survive your first year! You might already be thinking about getting that highly sought after 1st class degree, however before you can even think about your studies you need to make sure that your survival away from home is assured.

Hopefully, you have your accommodation sorted, which leads you to the next most important element of survival: food. 

To start with, you’ll inevitably spend a couple of weeks just finding your feet. It takes a little while to figure out where to do your food shopping, where to go on your nights out, and where the best fast food outlets are (top tip: check the food is served with Harrisons Sauces!)


Stock Up on Sauces

As you get to grips with the city and your new housemates, one thing will quite quickly become very clear. You need to stock up. 

For some reason there are certain things in your flat that will disappear at an alarming rate. You’ve probably already guessed a lot of the obvious items. Ball-point pens, toilet roll and washing up liquid are probably on your list, however something that you may not have anticipated running out quite so quickly is your selection of condiments. 

At university, condiments are king. With so many students finding out that their cooking skills leave a lot to be desired, most turn to sauces to make their questionable creations palatable.

Ketchup is used to rescue pasta dishes, mayonnaise is used in ways you never before thought you would see, and Garlic & Herb sauce becomes an evening staple. Drunken housemates will drown the chips they got on the way home with copious amounts of any sauce they can get their hands on, too.


Share Your Sauce

Some students will start hiding their stash, however there’s a better solution: buy in bulk. Hiding sauces can make you come across as passive-aggressive and untrustworthy, and you’ll only end up using less sauce yourself, resulting in a return to the horrible creations you’re concocting in the kitchen. Nasty.

Buying in bulk is also much cheaper! Take charge of the condiment crisis, get everyone to chip in, and you can be set for the rest of term, or even the year. No more scraping out the bottom of a crusty old bottle of ketchup. Imagine endless Garlic & Herb, more Sweet Chilli than you can shake a chip at, and Brown Sauce breakfasts whenever you want.


Time to make your flat the home of Harrisons Sauces UK. Takeaway level sauces all day, every day. That’s the dream. 

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