Gluten Free Sauces You’ll Want to Put on Everything

Living a gluten-free lifestyle does require some fundamental changes to the way that you eat, but there are several easy substitutions that can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

In recent years, we as a community have become more aware of what food and ingredients are really going into our bodies, and where our food is coming from. In the late 2000s, packaged foods and sauces were still very much “packaged” - made with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients so that it could sit on the shelf for longer. A lot of packaged food wasn’t tailored to those with allergies and intolerances, but in today’s society there are a lot of different brands making some big steps in the way pre-made foods are created with the use of fresh, quality ingredients suitable for a range of dietary requirements.

Sauces and condiments are one of the most insidious sources of hidden gluten, as you would assume that most sauces are gluten free but really they actually contain wheat-based products that are used to stabilize and thicken the sauce.

A staple condiment in most kitchens, BBQ sauce is often a danger zone for coeliacs as many BBQ sauces contain Worcestershire sauce, an ingredient that frequently contains gluten. Other BBQ sauces can contain natural flavours or sweeteners that are gluten-based.

With our range of tasty sauces, you don’t have to sacrifice health or flavour, or having to worry about the ingredients used. From tangy BBQ to creamy Garlic and Herb, our sauces are full of flavour that you’ll want to have with every meal.

Browse our full range of gluten free sauces here.

Please note that not all of our sauces are suitable for coeliacs.

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