Tartare Sauce 101

Tartare sauce (sometimes written as tartar sauce) is one of our favourites, however what surprises us is just how many people aren't familiar with it! With this in mind, we thought that it was our duty to get the word out about this delicious sauce. Let's start off with what the sauce actually is:

What Is Tartare Sauce?

Tartare sauce is a thick white savoury sauce that is believed to have originated in France as an accompaniment to steak tartare. Wherever it's from, however, it has become a staple in the UK, and is one that everyone should add to their fridges!

Tartare sauce is made using a base of mayonnaise (where would we be without mayonnaise?!) Traditionally chopped capers are then combined into the sauce, and sometimes other ingredients are also added, such as lemon, gherkin, dill, or parsley. Together the ingredients create a sauce quite unlike mayonnaise alone: this gives us the distinctive tartare flavour.

What Does It Pair With?

You can enjoy tartare sauce with anything, but it's best known for being eaten with fish and chips. Most good fish and chip shops will offer tartare sauce as an option, so when you next go to the chippy, make sure that you give it a try!

Another amazing option is to use it in fish finger sandwiches. This is a great one to try at home, it's cheap, and most importantly it's delicious! Line some freshly cooked fish fingers between two thick slices of bread with salad and tartare sauce, and enjoy!

Despite the strong association with fish, the sauce is delicious with a lot of different foods. We absolutely love tartare sauce as a dipping sauce for fries and chips, but it goes great with any number of fried foods! Try using it with onion rings, or even fried chicken!

How Do I Buy Tartare Sauce?

Not to worry; as always Harrisons is here to help! We think that the best way to stock up on tartare sauce is with sachets. You can easily share them with friends and family, they last a long time, and you don't have to worry about them taking up lots of space in your fridge!

What's more, they work fantastically for packed lunches too. We see so many people putting sauce in their sandwiches before they go to school or work. By the time they get to eat the sandwich, the bread is soggy! Bring a sachet instead and stop eating soggy bread. Trust us on this one!

Ready to get stuck into some tartare? Head over to our product page here and see what you've been missing!

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