Weird Ketchup Life Hacks

Tomato Ketchup! It’s no secret we all love the bright red condiment, it’s often found paired with savoury dishes and even the occasional vegetable. But what else can it do for us?

Turns out, ketchup has a lot of magical uses which aren’t all based around food. For those looking for some cool ‘life hacks,’ this might just be the blog for you.

Tomato Ketchup can Correct Green Hair

If bleached blonde hair is exposed to chlorine water, it can sometimes develop a green tint. The colour change is due to metals like copper and chlorine reacting with one another and forming a green film on your hair. The lighter the shade of blonde, the more noticeable the green tint.

To remove the greenish hue from your hair, simply shampoo your hair as normal and cover it in ketchup. Leave the ketchup to soak for five minutes then rinse!

Tomato Ketchup Can Clean Copper and Silverware

Because of the acidity of ketchup, it is remarkably good for cleaning silverware and copper kitchenware. People often use homemade Ketchup For this hack, but a big bottle of Harrisons Sauces should do just fine!

Tomato Ketchup Can help Pancake Mix Prep

With Christmas out the way, we’ve got quite a wait until our next holiday. But when pancake day arrives we can be fully prepared with our new ketchup bottle squeezers! 

When you have an empty Ketchup Bottle, give it a clean and pour the pancake mix in. Now, you can finally try that cool pancake art you always see on pinterest!

Tomato Ketchup Sachets Can Create Mini Ice Packs

A big hack used by ‘mommy bloggers’ is based around the humble tomato Ketchup sauce sachets. if you freeze some of your spare sauce, they make perfect ice packs to soothe your little one's bumps, bruises and grazes!

Tomato Ketchup Can Add Flavour to Your Mince

Although we often think of Ketchup as a dipping sauce, many top chefs recommend adding it during the cooking process. It’s perfect for bringing out the flavour in mincemeat or adding a bit of a kick to your spag bol or chilli con carne.

Make Sweet and Sour Sauce

The sweet and sour sauce is another staple sauce many of us couldn’t live without, but did you know it can be made with ketchup? BBC good food has a really quick recipe for making sweet and sour sauce from home with ketchup, it includes brown sugar and malt vinegar and only takes a few minutes.

 We thought Ketchup Was awesome before this, but now we know for sure!

Why not shop our range of ketchup at Harrisons Sauces and try a few of these life hacks for yourself? 

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