Ketchup 101

Tomato Ketchup is one of the most successful sauces of our generation. It's a rare thing to see a household without a bottle of ketchup pottering about the fridge or lurking in the cupboards. 

How did it rise to the level of popularity it has now? We've put together answers to your big questions about ketchup. 

What's the Story of Tomato Ketchup?

It's the compelling cocktail of tomatoes, sweeteners, vinegar, salt, spices, flavourings, onion, and garlic, that make the poignant condiment.

Surprisingly the origins of ketchup can be traced back to South East Asia, the name 'ketchup' was derived from the Chinese word 'kê-tsiap', meaning fermented fish.

Ketchup was most likely introduced to the British around the 17th/18th century, but back then it consisted of mushrooms, walnuts, oysters or anchovies.


After trying to reproduce the taste they'd first encountered in the East and came up with a dark and thick condiment and was often added to soups and meat-based meals. It still wasn't the Ketchup we know and love today. 

That's where the humble tomato comes in, originally called 'Love Apples', they were used as a decorative plant up until the 1750s. The recipe introduced then still wasn't our favourite red sauce, this one contained brandy!

As the years went on, a few more people introduced their version of the recipe and the ketchup we all know and love finally got introduced to the market. Making its mark as nation's favourite, bringing in over £726m in profits this year alone!

What Does Ketchup Go With?

Ketchup is put with anything nowadays, but it depends entirely on who you ask. We even wrote a blog listing the surprising foods people have with ketchup. People ketchup it with broccoli, Christmas Dinner, hot dogs and even cakes!

Where do I get Tomato Ketchup?

Well luckily for you, Harrisons stock every sauce in every size, shape and flavour. We make sure there is a container for every occasion with our 970ml bottles, tiny jars and sachet options available. Feeling saucy yet? Head on over to our product page and stock up!

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