Harrisons Sauces mayonnaise is the perfect addition to salads, sandwiches and chips. Convenient dip pots and sachets are available to buy in bulk for those who are catering or taking away.

Mayonnaise Sauce & Sachets Suppliers

Mayonnaise, you’re either addicted, or obsessed. Mayo is a very popular choice of sauce in every household, restaurant, cafe, you name it. Mayonnaise is one of the most popular sauces in the UK. With different variations of Mayo such as Garlic Mayo, Peri Peri Mayo and Vegan Mayo - there is an option to keep everyone's taste buds happy. At Harrisons Sauces we have been mayonnaise suppliers for a number of years now, for good reason. Our service, prices and product range are unparalleled.

Buy Wholesale Mayonnaise

Harrisons sauces not only supply a wide range of bulk mayo products, but supply them in a wide range of countries. We are not only suppliers of mayonnaise sachets, but mayo dipping pots, jars and different sized mayonnaise bottles. With international shipping worldwide on bulk deliveries we can get our perfect mayo sauce collection delivered right to your door. Invest in Harrisons Sauces bulk mayonnaise range, with bulk cases of garlic mayo, peri peri and normal mayo on products ranging from 4 cases to 200 cases. We offer a reliable service that can cater to all of your needs when it comes to buying sauces such as mayonnaise wholesale.

What Can You Use Mayonnaise With?

Mayo is a product that can be used on its own or within a variety of other recipes and foods. Whether you are looking to buy bulk mayo for commercial or domestic purposes, the possibilities are endless . Here are just some of our mayo companionship ideas that go together a treat: 

  • Pizza - The garlic mayo dip is a must
  • Southern fried chicken
  • Potato salad Fish and chips

What Ingredients Are in Mayonnaise?

When you think of mayo, the first thing that comes to mind is egg! There is quite a variety in mayonnaise sauce. The recipes for mayo vary widely, we may be biased, but ours at Harrisons Sauces is one of the best. Just some of the ingredients that make ours so delicious include: Rapeseed Oil, Water, Sugar, Egg Yolk Powder, Preservative, Garlic Flavouring, and more!

Why Choose Harrisons Sauces As Your Mayonnaise Sauce & Sachets Supplier?

If you are in need of bulk mayonnaise supplies, get in touch with Harrisons Sauces today!  Making sure you have the right flavour for your business is crucial. At Harrisons Sauces, we know how to make wholesale mayonnaise special. As a UK and global sauce supplier and catering service, we have had over 40 years of experience working with a variety of industries. These include the airline travel industry combining delicious food with bespoke packaging and efficient international logistics networks. Each different flavour of our mayo supplies are made with premium ingredients, making it the best choice for any catering service - including restaurants for bulk mayo packets. We have a wide range of sauces that come in packets which you can pair with anything you like at an affordable price. As a leading mayonnaise supplier, Harrisons Sauces are exceptionally tasty and convenient to use to help save you time, whether that be in a large and busy kitchen or fast food retailer. Our ready to use sauces offer good value and are alternatives to fresh sauces. Get a dip to remember with Harrisons sauces.

Our Mayonnaise Delivery Options

Harrisons Sauces have been a global supplier of mayonnaise for over 4 decades. Combining delicious sauces and clever packaging with efficient international logistical networks, we supply a variety of sweet and savoury sauces and seasoning to a wide range of market sectors across the globe including retail, industrial, manufacturing and hospitality.

It doesn’t just stop at mayonnaise either, we offer a wide variety of sauces including:

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