Keep Summer Going With BBQ Food Indoors!

The end of September marks the end of summer, and for most people this also means that the barbeques get packed away for another year, for a return to more conventional indoor cooking.

Saying goodbye to summer is painful enough, but having to say goodbye to those burgers, sausages, corn on the cob, kebabs…? That doesn’t even bear thinking about! That’s why we’ve done our homework, and we’ve come up with a list of foods that you can cook indoors without having to sacrifice the beautiful BBQ taste. 

BBQ Ribs


We love ribs. They’re a staple of any good BBQ spread and work brilliantly when cooked in the oven. This is because the meat can be quite tough, and oven cooking is an ideal way to break down the meat with slow and steady cooking. 

Of course, nothing goes better with ribs than Harrisons Barbeque Sauce, and this recipe from The Kitchn requires one cup, or for us Brits, that’s a little under 250ml.

Find recipe and method from The Kitchen available here.


BBQ Chicken Wings


If you want to bring the taste of a BBQ indoors this autumn, then you’ll need to make sure that you include some wings.

Just as messy as the ribs and equally as delicious, this recipe from Home Cooking Adventure has been tried and tested by the Harrisons team, and it goes down a storm! This uses a combination of barbeque sauce, honey, and tomato sauce for a spicy, sweet, and sticky treat! 

Check out the recipe and method here.


BBQ Pulled Pork



This is something that you won’t always see at your standard British BBQ, however at grill restaurants and big American-style events it’s always incredibly popular. The reason that this doesn’t always make the menu for regular home BBQs is that - like ribs - pulled pork really benefits from being cooked ‘low and slow’.

This BBC Good Food recipe is really easy, only taking 15 minutes to prepare, and requires a good mugful of sauce - obviously we recommend Harrisons!

Visit here for the recipe!


BBQ Burgers


The centerpiece of any British BBQ. Burgers have to be the most popular BBQ food, and rightly so. They can be customised in so many ways, and fortunately they’re really easy to cook indoors. 

Prepared properly, a good burger will quickly make you forget that it’s tipping it down with rain outside, and bring you back to the taste of summer!

While it’s easy to throw some pre-made burgers into the oven, we think that this food deserves a little more attention. Make the burgers from scratch, and you’ll notice the difference! You can also make them just how you like them: we prefer making thick patties, using this recipe from BBC Good Food.

If you really want the ultimate burger, however, you need to get your toppings right. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Whether it’s Burger Sauce, Burger Relish, Barbeque, or Mustard, we have you covered.

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