Introducing our new-look bottles: a new era for Harrisons Sauces

It's officially the start of a new era here at Harrisons, and that begins with our all-new 970ml bottles. This rebrand is an important step for us, marking the transition of this well-loved, family-run business into a new, more modern company that’s constantly growing and delivering new and exciting products. But we wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers, our dedicated staff, and an inspiring history that has pushed us to keep going even through the difficulties of the recent pandemic. We would like everyone who’s been part of the journey to know just how much we appreciate you.

Where Harrisons Sauces began 

From humble beginnings, our business passed down from generation to generation, until it became the established brand it is today. It all started with a man called Harishchandra, nicknamed “Harri”, who founded a company in 1974 that would go on to be known as Harrisons. Harishchandra and his family set up and managed the business together, and he worked hard to transform it into a force to be reckoned with in the condiments world, until his sad passing in 2007. After his death, his sons decided to name the business Harrisons, or “Harri” and “sons”, to pay tribute and continue his legacy.

For almost 40 years, Harrisons have been a trusted provider of catering services to the airline and travel industry, counting amongst our customers some of the biggest names in air travel. Good food, well-designed packaging, and the logistical know-how to consistently deliver for our customers have allowed us to build their trust and continue to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

From there, we’ve expanded our reach into the bulk condiments market, supplying customers in the retail, manufacturing, hospitality and industrial sectors with a wide range of sweet and savoury sauces. We make sure all our customers across the globe get excellent service, and experience the great taste of our sauces, which we’ve perfected through the generations.

The pandemic year

Since the Harrisons Sauces we know today began, many people have joined our amazing team and made incredible contributions to the ongoing story of Harrisons. Some of them have been on this journey with us since the start, and all have had important roles to play. They help with everything from packing orders to taste-testing new products to make sure every sauce we create lives up to the Harrisons standard we’ve maintained through the years.

Over the past year-and-a-half especially, they have helped us to effectively navigate a rapidly-changing market, deal with almost constant regulation changes, and be in a position to keep trading through it all without missing a beat.

In fact, we’ve recently grown our workforce from 50 to over 90 people in order to meet increasing demand for our sachets and dip-pots during the pandemic. This sudden change brought about by the easing of lockdown restrictions has meant all hands on deck. Now that we’ve managed to pull through one of the most challenging times in our brand’s history, we’re ready for a new chapter, with a fresh new image that embodies our ability to adapt, evolve and come out stronger and more dynamic than before.

What's next for us?

So, what does the future hold for Harrisons? Well, now that we’re coming towards the end of the pandemic, business is getting back to normal, and we’re full of new ideas! We’ll be rolling out our rebrand to all Harrisons products in the near future, including some exciting new flavours and a few twists on your old Harrisons favourites! All these things would not be possible without your ongoing support throughout the pandemic and beyond, and as we start the next leg of our journey, we’ll never forget how much we owe to the customers who have kept us going through thick and thin.

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