The rise of the hot sauce!

Hot sauce just keeps getting hotter! 

There can be no doubt that in recent years the popularity of hot sauce has grown exponentially. From Sriracha to Peri-Peri, there is more choice than ever when looking to spice up dinner time. 

So what is it that has us all hooked on those little bottles of fiery goodness?

Hot Sauce is Science!

Did you know, humans are the only animals known to willingly eat foods that cause irritation, discomfort, and even pain. Well the good news is, theres a totally scientific and logical reason as to why.

When we consume peppers, we are exposed to a compound known as capsaicin. This is what makes the chilli peppers taste hot and give that burning sensation.

That sensation tricks our brains into thinking that our mouth is on fire, which then sends stress signals to our brains. Our bodies then produce endorphins, to help combat the pain of these transmissions.... Well guess what, endorphins make us happy! 

So next time you feel a rush after consuming hot sauce, you're just riding that wave of endorphins! 

Why is Hot Sauce so Popular?

The growth of fast food chains has undoubtably been a major factor in the rise of hot sauce. Gone are the days of a choice between a burger or fish and chips. Now we have instant access to exotic cuisines such as Mexican, Portuguese, Jamaican, bringing exciting new flavours to our doorstep.

The success of the high street chains has lead to supermarkets filling their shelves with sauces from all around the world and inevitably making its way into peoples homes.

What Goes With Hot Sauce? 

Well if you're anything like us the answer is very simple, EVERYTHING! 

From our Sweet Chilli and Peri-Peri Dips, to our Very Hot Chilli Sauce, we're never too far from our nearest bottle. Where you're dipping your chips or adding a splash to your bolognese, it's all about discovering new and exciting flavours.

So who's ready to challenge their taste buds?

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