5 Sauces Everybody should have in the cupboard!

It's no secret, we just LOVE sauce! In fact, there isn't a single meal we can think of, that wouldn't be improved with a little dab of sauce! 

Well we thought it might be good to share with you the top 5 sauces that we think every household needs. 5 sauces that a multipurpose and guaranteed to pimp any meal.

5. Chilli Sauce

Can you handle the heat? Well even if you're not a 'Chilli Head' like us, Chilli sauce is so versatile full of flavour, that we don't think anybody should go without. 

For those with a sweeter tooth, Sweet Chilli Sauce is the one for you. Incredible as a dipping sauce, or added to a stir fry to give it a fruity tang. 

For those looking for that spicy kick with the WOW factor, Hot Chilli Sauce is here for you. Smother your chicken wings or throw some into your chilli con carne to bring it to life... just keep a glass of milk close by!

4. BBQ Sauce

That unmistakably smokey, sweet taste of America. Now it might not be an everyday sauce for some people, but for us, it really is!

We love nothing more than firing up the barbie, in the sunshine with friends and BBQ sauce is the perfect marinade for the occasion. Whether its chicken, a rack of ribs or plant based alternatives, BBQ sauce is never far away.

We also LOVE using BBQ sauce as a base for homemade pizzas, or added to pulled pork. Its also a great alternative for dipping your fries! 

3. Mustard

Now we must admit, we do love a hot dog smothered in mustard, but mustard is so versatile and often the base for many other delicious sauces, making it a must have in any pantry. 

From morning eggs to Sunday roasts, mustard has a way of taking everyday foods to another level. We love adding mustard to warming stews and creamy pasta sauces, to create a subtle but deliciously tangy kick that leaves everyone wanting more.

2. Mayonnaise

So we all know that Mayonnaise is great with burgers, great with chips, great with just about everything... but did you know it's also a great for baking?

That's right baking! So if you're looking to channel your inner Mary Berry, but your sponge is a little dry, next time try adding some Mayo into the mix. After all, mayonnaise is made with ingredients already in cake, so the idea isn't that crazy. 

1. Tomato Ketchup

Come on, it had to be right? 

Tomato Ketchup is a must in everyones cupboards! We all know how great it is as a stand alone sauce, but it's also the base to so many other great sauces, making it arguably the most versatile sauce going!

Add some ketchup to a sweet & sour stir fry, or to a spaghetti bolognese to really bring through those sweet and zesty flavours. You could even try cooking up your own baked beans in the slow cooker, adding a generous helping of ketchup to generate those rich flavours, perfect for a weekend fry up.

When it comes to ketchup we could write an entire blog post of ideas and recipes that you could use this super sauce with... in-fact we already did, check it out here.





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