Surprising Foods That People Have With Ketchup

Most people have culinary quirks that they like to keep to themselves, however we’ve been asking around, and we’ve found quite a few people who are willing to share the weird ways that they like to enjoy tomato ketchup.

We have to admit, some of these are a little too much even for our tastes, and here at Harrisons HQ, we understand a love for ketchup more than anyone!


Chicken Curry With Ketchup

Barry from Wolverhampton

“I’ve always been a fan of ketchup with the usual foods; I guess chips would be the obvious one I’d go for. One that always makes people frown though is on my curry. Chicken curry is great on its own, but chicken curry with ketchup? That’s what I’m about. Squeeze some over the top and then dig in. Trust me, you won’t turn back!”


Ketchup With Pizza

Charlotte from Coventry

“I still don’t really understand why people think the way I eat pizza is weird. Loads of people have chilli sauce or garlic dip, so what’s wrong with ketchup? I get that pizzas already have tomato sauce on them, but it’s totally different… one’s like a more savoury purée and the other is a bit sweeter and has a different taste. I think more people would join in if they had actually tried it.”


Ketchup on Vanilla Ice Cream

Matthew from Redditch

“Fair enough, most people can’t get their heads around it, but ketchup on vanilla ice cream has always worked for me. I genuinely can’t remember when I first tried the two together - probably when I was a little kid, or maybe I did it by accident. It’s sweet and savoury together, and when it melts it mixes together into a sort of tomato milkshake. Weird, but amazing.”


Ketchup Sandwiches

Cam from Birmingham

“Ketchup sandwiches. If it wasn’t for ketchup sandwiches I probably wouldn’t have made it through uni. They take two seconds to make, and they actually taste really good. If you use too much ketchup then the bread can end up being a bit mushy, but get it right and you’ve got a really easy lunch. Oh, and obviously it’s not too expensive, either. If I add salt and pepper I like to call it a gourmet version!”


Thanks to Barry, Charlotte, Matthew, and Cam for sharing their bizarre eating habits. We might give the chicken curry, pizza, and even the sandwich a whirl, but finding someone in the office who’s prepared to take on the ice cream might be a little trickier...

We’re always interested to hear all of the weird and wonderful ways that people enjoy their sauces, so don’t hesitate to let us know about your own Harrisons Sauces habits!

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