Why Your Student Cooking Isn't Great

Being a student isn't easy; not only do you have to jump into endless studying, but you also have to fend for yourself. This means managing your own time, doing all of your own shopping, and cooking your own meals!

The problem is that you probably don't have a huge amount of cooking experience, and this can mean that the meals that you cook end up being pretty disappointing. All hope is not lost though! We're here to help you make some easy palatable meals without spending a fortune.

Budget Matters


One of the biggest challenges that you'll face is your food budget. If you do happen to have any cooking experience from living with your family, it likely won't have been constrained by the kind of budget you'll be working with as a student. 

We're afraid that if you want to survive university, you may have to make some sacrifices - smoked salmon for breakfast every day is definitely not going to be possible for most students!

Many students turn to frozen foods, as they're cheap, they keep for a long time in the freezer, and they're incredibly easy to cook. Just throw it all in the oven for half an hour, and you're ready to go.

There's nothing wrong with frozen food, however a plate of potato wedges and chicken nuggets isn't the most exciting thing you could eat. One simple step you can make to get more enjoyment out of your food is to add an exciting sauce! We love ketchup, but try branching out into new flavours - why not explore Peri Peri options, or Garlic & Herb? Of course we also recommend adding some veggies to your plate too!

A great way to make budget stretch further is to buy in bulk with your housemates. If everyone chips in, you will be surprised just what you can get. This is great for foods such as sauces, which always seem to run out just when you need them if you don't stock up properly!

The Curse Of The Meal Deal


It's really easy to fall into the trap of buying a meal deal every day. They seem like great value - many are around just £3 for a drink, sandwich, and snack. If you add it up over the course of a year however, that could add up to over £1000, just for your lunches!

Making food for yourself is much more cost-effective, and it doesn't have to be labour intensive. There are plenty of shortcuts that you can take!

Why not try chicken drumsticks (a much cheaper cut than breasts) with some Barbeque Sauce. Throw in some salad and crusty bread and oil, and you have a delicious meal that would be 10 times the price in any restaurant!

Meal Prep


A lot of people try their hand at meal prepping, but decide that it isn't for them after they give it a go. One of the main issues that students have is that their food can end up a little dry if cooked and stored in the fridge. A common complaint is chicken. Often juicy and delicious when fresh out of the oven, but it can go dry after a day or two.

A quick fix is to (yep, you guessed it) get out the sauce! Not only can a great sauce add that much-needed moisture to your meal, but it also takes the flavour to another level. 

There's no excuse to let your meals be disappointing when you're a student. Time to get sauce on your side!


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