Why Food prep is Awesome

The idea of food prep has always seemed like a dull 'adult' hobby, loved only by parents, nutritionists and bodybuilders. However, the benefits of planning a week's worth of food in one day are undeniable and make an impact on people’s day to day lives.

There Is Always Food in The Fridge

Having a severe case of the food cravings can be detrimental to anyone's wallet, especially if there's nothing in the kitchen cupboards apart from a stack of menus from all your local fast food places.

When you meal prep, the possibility of being tempted by a takeaway is a thing of the past. As you're prepping the food you could even make a small selection of healthy snacks to help you stick to the diet; this recipe for kale crisps looks like it would hit the spot and we'd even try it with some Harrisons ketchup.

Let Your Inner Control Freak Loose

Planning is a vice that the control freak inside us all will love. No more stressing about what you're going to have for tea, as you have everything planned out in the fridge, ready to be cooked. 

Preparing meals in advance is especially handy for people who are looking to count calories; most online recipes contain full nutritional details. 


Save Time on Food Prep

When done correctly and efficiently, meal prepping can save you a lot of time. No more debating what you want for tea then looking to find a food source. You'll be thankful that you can walk through the door and have a lovely meal waiting for you! No more belly rumbling as you look through the takeaway menus.

Food Prep is a Money Saver

Buying in bulk is known to save you money in the long run; did you see some takeaway can cost the equivalent of weeks worth of food for one person?

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